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2018....with Zeal!

January 1, 2018

Oh! What a year 2017 was for ME!



At the end of last year, I was ready to declare 2017 as "a year of losses'. Academically and professionally my life was taking a path that I'd never intended as I begin to succumb to challenges that I could no longer avoid. Constant anxiety and fear threatened my inner peace which allowed doubt to set in and overpower my faith. I found myself not only welcoming, but expecting the worst of every situation. Plainly put, I'd lost all hope. But then I made a decision. I made a decision to no longer play victim to my circumstances.  I begin to see my challenges as opportunities for growth and restoration. With this new mindset came a completely new outlook heading into 2018! I begin to feed off of the energy my challenges provided me; energy that restored me! I was tired of the "woe is me" attitude! I was finished playing the victim! I was NOT THE GIRL I USED TO BE! I refused to take the old Dee with me into the new year. I refused to spend the new year in the company of my old allies Fear, Doubt, and Worry! When I started welcoming the company of Peace, Faith, and Hope my complete outlook on my circumstances changed. I begin to see my trials as challenges and oh!, I love a good challenge! I was victim turned survivor, turned conqueror and as long as breath was in my lungs, I would overcome every obstacle meant to bring me down.


Changing my perspective and redefining my outlook restored my faith and rekindled my hope! This was no easy process! Training your mind to accept blessings disguised as obstacles and failures is no easy feat. Listed below are a few techniques that I used to change my perspective, restore my faith, and rekindle my hope! It is my wish that these techniques help inspire and motivate you toward restoration when you find yourself in moments of overwhelming doubt, anxiety, and fear.


Restoration Motivations:


1.) Regroup: Evaluate your atmosphere. Rid yourself of energy draining individuals, activities, or habits.

2.) Recover: Replace what you've removed with positive cultures and activities. Join a book club, subscribe to a blog, or try a new activity like exercising or meditating.

3.) Rebuild: Begin to incorporate the new activities into your daily routine. This involves a certain level of discipline however, the rewards are fulfilling!

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