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Life With No Regrets!

February 26, 2018

You're always one decision away from a totally different life!

Sometimes in life we are presented with the difficult decision of making hasty decisions. And lets face it, these decisions aren't always the best ones and can change our lives drastically in a short span of time. In the aftermath we are left to deal with the haunting consequences of our decisions and a sense of regret or discontentment can become a prevailing emotion in our everyday lives. This can lead to a high level of dysfunction in our relationships and work life as well as a significant imbalance internally. Being able to redirect ourselves from the overwhelming feeling of failure, regret, or discontentment can often times prove to be a difficult task. In moments such as these I have found a few helpful tips that can alleviate these feelings. Below is a list that I find particularly helpful!


1.) Engaging in Prayer: I've used prayer as a means to redirect my mind in times where I can't focus or find a relief from a worried state of mind. Praying a prayer of thanks for life, health, and strength to overcome obstacles, often times removes me from a victimized or depressed state.


2.)Reminding yourself that things could be worse!: This goes had in hand with the belief that everything happens for a reason! Life can be much worse whatever spectrum you choose to see it on. Redirecting your thoughts to the positive side of the situation often times brings new insight and clarity. Remember: There's always a bright side.


3.)Change your environment!: Sometimes being in a certain place, seeing certain things or being around certain people can bring us back to a place of disappointment in our lives. Being aware of these triggers not only able you to avoid them but more specifically it allows you to confront them. The latter allows you to be in control of the situation regarding your emotions concerning the situation. As I've always said, awareness is the first step to change!!


Remember: We all face disappointment at some point in our lives, however living with regrets over failed decision making is no life to live at all!!






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